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Photo of Fatimata Yaou Korgom

Fatimata Yaou Korgom

Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Mines, Niger

Madame Korgom has 14 years of experience in the mining sector. Prior to her appointment as Deputy Secretary General, she served in other positions within the ministry including as Director General of Mines and Quarries and National Director of Control of Geological Research Activities. Prior to joining the ministry, she worked as a geologist at GoviEx Niger, a mineral resource company focused on the exploration and development of uranium properties in Africa. Madame Korgom is interested in gender and the extractive industries and serves as the Deputy Secretary General of the Association of Women in the Extractive Industries Sector of Niger. She holds a Specialized Master in Environmental Science and Management in Developing Countries from the University of Liège and the Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium).