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EITI independent evaluation

Independent evaluation of the EITI

Study on the EITI's effectiveness, impact, relevance and sustainability

Voconiq & Square Circle

Gaining a better understanding of how the EITI is implemented and contributes to meaningful outcomes is one of the EITI’s key priorities, and is vital for strengthening the EITI’s sustainability and relevance. To this end, an independent evaluation of the EITI was undertaken to assess the organisation's effectiveness, impact, relevance and sustainability.

Launched in December 2021 and led by the Voconiq-Square Circle consortium, the evaluation involved a collaborative design, rigorous analysis, and a consultative and open approach that took into account the diversity of national circumstances, objectives and stakeholder perspectives and expectations.

It builds on efforts to strengthen the EITI’s approach to documenting, communicating and learning from the results of implementation, in line with recommendations from a 2020 review of international best practice in results measurement and impact evaluation.

The evaluation methodology draws on various qualitative and quantitative methods to triangulate findings, including country case studies, policy case studies and global surveys to capture views from stakeholders outside and inside the EITI, including implementing and supporting countries, extractive companies and civil society groups.