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Global implementation of the EITI Standard

Over 50 countries have committed to strengthening transparency and accountability of their extractive sector management by implementing the EITI Standard. 

Countries are assessed on their progress in meeting the requirements of the EITI Standard through Validation, the EITI's quality assurance mechanism. Country-level data on extractive sector production, revenue and management is available on country pages.

Progress key

Progress key

Each of the countries listed on this page are classified by the following statuses

  • Very high
  • High / Satisfactory
  • Moderate / Meaningful
  • Fairly low / Inadequate
  • Low / No progress
  • Suspended due to political instability
  • Suspended for missing deadline
  • Yet to be assessed

Countries that previously implemented the EITI but withdrew or were delisted: Azerbaijan, Equatorial Guinea, Solomon IslandsUnited States and Yemen.