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Transparency in transition

Chatham House

Climate change, energy transition and the EITI

The transition to a sustainable, decarbonised economy is now reshaping the extractive industries. It will have profound implications for the kinds of data, disclosures and dialogues that will be required to support accountability and good governance. Transparency is also central to international efforts to support the energy transition, including the reporting of emissions and the disclosure of climate risks. 

Building on a series of discussions with EITI stakeholders that started in June 2019, this paper explores the implications of the transition to a sustainable, decarbonised economy for countries implementing the EITI. It reviews potential policy and practical responses open to the EITI in light of the transition.

It makes recommendations on the inclusion of a high-level commitment to mainstreaming energy transition and climate risk data in the next EITI Standard. It suggests that the EITI International Secretariat works in partnership with others to identify next steps for the use of EITI data and disclosures. It also calls for increased dialogue on the issue among EITI national and international stakeholders.

Siân Bradley is a senior research fellow in the Energy, Environment and Resources Programme at Chatham House.

See the research paper on Chatham House's website.