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Wind turbines along the main road in the Media Luna area, Cabo de la Vela, Uribia.

Engaging communities in a just transition

Exploring how the energy transition is impacting community livelihoods through data and dialogue

The energy transition is reshaping the future of countries rich in natural resources. Global efforts to move to a low-carbon economy are affecting demand for fossil fuels, minerals and renewable energy. This shift is impacting government revenues, investment decisions, economic development opportunities and environmental impacts – and has major implications for the livelihoods of communities living near extractive operations and energy projects. 

To better understand these dynamics and strengthen the voice of communities affected by the energy transition, the EITI launched a project in early 2022 titled “Engaging communities in a just transition”, with support from the Ford Foundation. Implemented in four communities in Colombia, Ghana and Indonesia, this two-year project explores how the energy transition is impacting community livelihoods and the obstacles that communities face in accessing and using data and dialogue platforms. It seeks to strengthen the EITI’s role in ensuring that community priorities are better taken into account in public debate and decision-making on the energy transition. 

Engaging communities in a just transition

Download our report to learn more about community engagement in the energy transition, based on findings from Colombia, Ghana and Indonesia.


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