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Guidance note

Recommendations from EITI reporting

EITI Requirements 7.3, 7.4 and 1.5

This note highlights some of the issues that the MSG may wish to consider in order to ensure that EITI Reports contain useful recommendations.

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In many countries, one of the most important impacts of EITI implementation has been the recommendations that have emerged from EITI reporting. These recommendations have typically focused on improving technical aspects of the EITI reporting process. However, with the expansion of the EITI Standard to cover the full extractive industry value chain and a greater focus on addressing national priorities for the extractive sector, EITI Reports are increasingly generating information that is more relevant to policy debates in implementing countries. EITI reporting can thus help identify issues and shortcomings related to natural resource governance, and recommendations from EITI Reports have the potential to strengthen government and company systems.

The Standard Terms of Reference for Independent Administrators gives the Independent Administrator a mandate to make recommendations based on EITI reporting. This includes recommendations aimed at improving auditing systems and reforms needed to bring them in line with international standards, as well as recommendations for other extractive sector reforms related to strengthening the impact of implementation of the EITI on natural resource governance (where appropriate). The Independent Administrator should also review progress with implementing recommendations from previous EITI Reports. In some countries, the MSG has taken an active role in supporting the Independent Administrator with developing recommendations, or has developed their own recommendations complementing those from the Independent Administrator.

In order to ensure that recommendations are followed up, EITI Requirement 7.2 requires that the MSG takes steps to act upon lessons learnt and consider the recommendations resulting from EITI Reports, including documenting any activities to follow-up on the recommendations. Countries like Nigeria and the Philippines have developed dedicated action plans to this end. The MSG should also include any plans for implementing recommendations in its work plan (Requirement 1.5.c.iv).

Drawing on examples and practice from implementing countries, this guidance note highlights some of the issues that the MSG may wish to consider in order to ensure that EITI Reports contain useful recommendations. The first part of this note looks at how recommendations may be developed. The second part provides suggestions on how MSGs can develop action plans to ensure that recommendations are being considered and implemented where relevant by appropriate stakeholders.

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