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EITI launches 2022 Progress Report

EITI publishes its flagship EITI Progress Report

The EITI today launched its flagship EITI Progress Report 2022 ahead of its 53rd Board meeting. The report highlights innovations in reporting by EITI implementing countries, as well as emerging practices in key areas of extractive sector management, including contract transparency, beneficial ownership transparency and corporate reporting. It also presents examples of how countries are using EITI reporting and dialogue to address corruption risks and energy transition planning.  

“Despite political turbulence, the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing global economic challenges, the EITI has been able to maintain, and in many cases deepen, implementation of the EITI Standard,” said Helen Clark, EITI Chair, in her foreword. “It is inspiring to see how implementing countries have used the EITI to improve governance and oversight of the extractive sector. Countries are using data and dialogue to address corruption risks, understand the impact of COVID-19 on their extractive sectors and economies better, improve accountability mechanisms, refine revenue forecasts and plan for the transition to net zero.” 

In the wake of increased global tensions attributable to political conflicts, economic downturns and energy security issues, transparency continues to play a role in ensuring that natural resources are managed for the benefit of citizens. “While we are witnessing a rise in authoritarian trends in a number of resource-rich countries, it is heartening to see that the EITI’s mission and multi-stakeholder platform continue to gain traction around the world,” says EITI Executive Director Mark Robinson. Since its inception in 2003, the EITI has grown to become an influential voice on extractives governance, with more than 50 countries implementing the EITI Standard and over 60 supporting companies. 

EITI Progress Report 2022

Our flagship report highlights emerging practices and innovations in reporting by EITI implementing countries and industry partners.

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