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USAID extends partnership with EITI to advance anti-corruption work and strengthen domestic resource mobilisation

Three-year partnership agreement with USAID secures funding to improve extractives transparency

The EITI International Secretariat has entered into a new three-year partnership agreement with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) that secures vital funding for its work combatting corruption in the extractive sector during the energy transition.

The agreement provides USD 3 million to the EITI from the end of 2023 to 2026. It builds upon USAID’s ongoing collaboration with the EITI since 2006 to support countries in advancing natural resource transparency and implementing the EITI Standard.

The partnership will support the EITI in its efforts to combat corruption and ensure that data is regularly disclosed and used for analysis and reforms. It provides vital funding for enhancing national capacity and strengthening global policy work to address corruption risks in the extractive sector, especially during the energy transition. It will also support the Opening Extractives programme, which is jointly implemented with Open Ownership and aims to improve the disclosure and use of beneficial ownership data to address governance risks in mineral production crucial to the energy transition.

Ultimately, these activities aim to help countries to identify weaknesses in national revenue policy and processes, to improve government policies and systems for revenue collection and retention, and to deter illicit behaviour linked to domestic resource loss.

“USAID has been a longstanding supporter of the EITI and we welcome this newest partnership," said EITI Executive Director Mark Robinson. “This grant offers vital resources for the EITI to achieve its objectives of supporting countries in using the EITI to combat corruption and navigate the energy transition. Through this partnership, we hope to empower countries to address these issues effectively and link their EITI implementation to broader national reforms.”

USAID noted that this support is part of the U.S. government’s continuing commitment to both advancing transparency and accountability in the extractive sector and to combating corruption. It also aligns with USAID’s mission to support partner countries in strengthening transparent, accountable and citizen-responsive governance and to building self-reliance. 

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