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Winners of the 2019 EITI Chair Awards announced

Armenia, Colombia and Zambia receive awards for their achievements in EITI implementation

The EITI Chair's Awards recognise countries that have shown leadership, determination and resourcefulness in implementing the EITI. EITI Chair Fredrik Reinfeldt announced the winners of the 2019 EITI Chair's Award at the opening session of the EITI Global Conference in Paris on 18 June.



A newcomer to the EITI that has begun with innovation and high pace. By fostering cooperation between government, businesses, and civil society, the EITI has helped to introduce a new culture of multi-stakeholder dialogue on natural resource governance. Following the path of systematic disclosures, Armenia EITI has established an e-reporting platform, which also serves as a data portal.


Colombia has made good progress on environmental information and has developed a reporting portal. I visited the previous President in 2017 and the strong commitment from the government of Colombia has remained throughout.  The country achieved satisfactory progress in 2018.


Zambia EITI has been modelling the financial structure of the sector based on EITI data to inform the quite heated debate on the fiscal regime.  They are working with the Office of the Auditor General to eventually absorb the function of the Independent Administrator, ensuring existing systems and capacities are prioritised, resourced and strengthened.  They are establishing a beneficial ownership register, and linking that system to the mining cadastre.

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