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Christoffer Claussen

Former Technical Manager

Nationality: Norwegian

Christoffer previously worked at the EITI. With a background as an economist he was supporting the International Secretariat in their work on open data and ensuring countries systematically disclose information. Together with the Disclosure team, he managed data from EITI Reports for in-depth analysis, enhancing the quality and use of EITI data at the international and national level. He also worked to mainstream the publication of EITI data and participates in the International Secretariat’s work on Validation.

Christoffer’s previous experience includes the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Lilongwe and various evaluation projects as an independent consultant.

Christoffer holds a B.A. in Development Studies and a M.Phil. in Resource and Development Economics from the University of Oslo. His professional interests are related to political economics, public financial management and natural resource management more widely. His personal interests include indoor rock climbing, beer brewing and definitely not cross-country skiing.