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Board member

Diana El Kaissy

Advisory Board Member, Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative (LOGI), Lebanon

Diana El Kaissy is an advisory board member at the Lebanese Oil and Gas Initiative-LOGI, an independent non-governmental organisation based in Beirut working on promoting transparency and accountability in the petroleum sector in Lebanon.

She previously served as the the Executive Director at LOGI.

Between 2012 and mid-2017, Diana served as Regional Coordinator for the Middle East and North Africa and Asia Pacific at Publish What You Pay, a global network that includes more than 800 civil society organisations advocating for transparency and accountability in the governance of natural resources.

Diana is a board member of the Palestine Association for the Children Encouragement of Sports (PACES), a British based charity organization that seeks to promote social development through engagement in sports for Palestinian children living in refugee camps in Lebanon. She was awarded the Client of the Year 2018 by Leadership Management International.

Diana is currently a member of the international EITI Board, representing civil society organisations.