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The Board approved Seychelles' proposal for proportionate implementation.

Decision on Seychelles' proposal for proportionate implementation

Decision reference
2019-66 / BM-45
Decision basis
EITI Articles of Association 2019-2021, Article 12.1. ix)

On 16 October 2019, the EITI Board reached the following decision:

The EITI Board accepts Seychelles’ multi-stakeholder group’s proposal for proportionate implementation. The request is granted for the reporting period 2017-2021. Thereafter, the Seychelles’ multi-stakeholder group should review progress and consider whether a further request is necessary.

The EITI Standard allows for adapted implementation “where the country faces exceptional circumstances that necessitate deviation from the implementation requirements” (Article 1, Chapter 4). The Limited engagement policy specifies that the irrelevance of an EITI Requirement in a specific country may constitute an exceptional circumstance. In taking this decision, the EITI Board notes that Seychelles joined the EITI to strengthen transparency and accountability in the petroleum sector, which remains at exploration stage. As the economic significance of the sector is limited, the Board agrees that a tailored, more cost-efficient approach to EITI implementation is sensible.

The EITI Board welcomes the multi-stakeholder group’s continued commitment to transparency and good governance, and efforts to systematically disclose information required by the EITI Standard. Unilateral disclosures of government revenues and other EITI data on government websites will reduce the cost of implementation and strengthen government systems. The MSG is encouraged to consider nationally relevant topics beyond the EITI Requirements in its next work plan.