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Contract Transparency Network

Contract Transparency Network

A forum for governments to provide expertise and champion the publication of contracts

While over 40 countries are now publishing contracts, the level of disclosures vary. In some instances, only a few contracts are published on a voluntary basis without any systematic way of disclosing them. This is a reflection of the lack of firm political commitment to open up contracts.

The Contract Transparency Network was created to provide a forum for governments to share experiences, provide expertise and champion the publication of contracts within EITI. The members of the network aim to show leadership on this agenda and rally support from other governments to make contract transparency the default practice.


The network's goals are to:

  • Champion contract transparency, develop messaging and encourage statements of commitment by governments and other EITI stakeholders.

  • Discuss policy issues related to contract transparency and provide leadership in shaping the global narrative on these issues, including any possible recommendations for EITI’s work in this area.

  •  Work towards improving contract transparency in EITI countries and improve quality and usability of contracts disclosed.

  • Examine common challenges that countries with policies on contract transparency face in publishing contracts and identify solutions that countries can adopt to move toward disclosure.

  • Identify and share the most effective approaches to embed contract disclosure in government systems. 

  • Determine how governments can work together to share contractual information and reduce asymmetries of information

Member countries

How to join

EITI countries interested in joining the network are invited to contact the EITI International Secretariat at [email protected]