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Juan Carlos Dueñas

National Coordinator, Ecuador

Juan Carlos is the National Coordinator supporting the implementation of EITI in Ecuador with the local MSG.

Previous to his NC responsibility, he worked as Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Coordinator at the National Mining Company (ENAMI EP). Previously, he was Environmental Specialist at Programa de Reparación Ambiental y Social (PRAS-MAE), a public institution that specialized in developing information systems of contaminated sites in the Ecuadorian Amazon and other territories where reparation plans were developed and prioritized based on social vulnerability (Amazonía Viva Project). 

Juan Carlos has an engineering degree in Biotechnology from the Army Polytechnic School of Ecuador, a M.Sc. in Environmental Pollution and Toxicology from the University of Valencia (UV), in Spain, and a postgraduate degree in Development Projects from the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar (UASB), in Quito- Ecuador.