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Open Ownership

Open Ownership (OO) works with governments, companies and civil society to create effective beneficial ownership disclosure regimes. The Open Ownership Principles set the gold standard for effective beneficial ownership disclosure. The OO Principles are intended to support governments implementing beneficial ownership reforms and guide international institutions, civil society and private sector actors in understanding and advocating for effective reforms.

In 2016, the EITI was one of the first organisations to recognise the importance of beneficial ownership transparency by making it a requirement in the EITI Standard. Open Ownership is proud to work with the EITI to assist countries in bringing ownership transparency to the often highly lucrative and nationally important oil, gas and mining sectors.

Thom Townsend Executive Director, Open Ownership

Engagement with the EITI

Open Ownership (OO) has been working with the EITI since 2017 to deliver beneficial ownership transparency reforms and has participated in EITI hosted conferences, workshops and board meetings. In 2021, OO and the EITI launched the joint Opening Extractives programme that will engage 8-10 countries in implementing beneficial ownership reforms and will enable the use of data to improve natural resource governance.

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