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Understanding state oil revenues and sales through financial modelling in the Republic of the Congo

Report on past and future government revenues from the Republic of the Congo's oil sector

Resources for Development Consulting

This report, commissioned by ITIE Congo and the EITI International Secretariat and undertaken by Resources for Development, provides an understanding state oil revenues and sales in the Republic of the Congo.

The study aims to encourage greater transparency and to strengthen domestic resource mobilisation by developing financial models to assess the Congolese fiscal regime, analyse past payments made to the government and forecast future revenues for the government. The financial models on which this analysis is based have been submitted to ITIE Congo as tools to be used in the national context. The models are designed to analyse the interactions between production volumes, the selling price of oil, and the fiscal terms contained in the Congolese production sharing contracts (PSCs).

The full report is in French, and a summary and summary presentation is available in English.