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Statement from the EITI Board Chair on the situation in Gabon

Rt Hon. Helen Clark on the situation in Gabon

As Chair of the EITI Board, I join regional and international leaders in condemning the military coup of 30 August in Gabon, and also note with concern reports of serious infringements of fundamental freedoms and civic space during Gabon’s recent elections.  

Gabon was re-admitted to the EITI in October 2021. The country’s first EITI Report was published in April 2023 and its first Validation under the EITI Standard is due to begin in mid-2024.

Gabon is a significant producer of petroleum and manganese. With substantial dependence on oil sector revenues, the country has a unique opportunity to plan for future changes in production and maximise revenues for the benefit of citizens. Furthermore, transparency in the governance of the extractive sector is critical issue for the future of Gabon and is a key concern for civil society.  

These priorities can only be addressed effectively through open and inclusive governance. We therefore call for the immediate restoration of civilian rule, supported by inclusive governance and the safeguarding of civic space, measures which are essential to uphold the principles of transparency and accountability and which underpin further progress on accountable resource governance through EITI implementation.