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USAID calls for innovators to counter corruption in the green minerals industry

Countering corruption and strengthening integrity across green minerals supply chains

Last week, USAID Administrator Samantha Power announced an open call for innovations for USAID’s  “Powering A Just Energy Transition Green Minerals Challenge (JET Minerals Challenge)”. As part of the “Countering Transnational Corruption Grand Challenge for Development”, the JET Minerals Challenge – launched during COP27 in partnership with Amazon, BHP Foundation and Chandler Foundation – will incentivise the development, application and scaling of innovations that root out corruption in green mineral supply chains to fulfil the promise of an inclusive, sustainable and just clean energy future. 

As the world transitions to green energy sources, a spike in demand for the green minerals that power these technologies could benefit millions through inclusive, sustainable economic growth. Yet, without a significant course correction and investment in new and innovative approaches to addressing corruption, countries rich with green minerals will face the same resource curse that has plagued so many oil-rich countries. Avoiding this fate will require preventing corruption from penetrating green minerals supply chains – and uprooting it where it does exist. That is where the JET Minerals Challenge comes in.

The JET Minerals Challenge is calling for innovators from all sectors – including the extractive sector – to put forth their ideas to help solve this complex challenge. The JET Minerals Challenge seeks solutions that counter corruption and strengthen transparency, accountability and integrity in the global rush to meet the unprecedented demand for green minerals.

Innovators will join a growing network of entrepreneurs, technical experts, mentors and private sector partners with a shared purpose of advancing evidence and best practice, sharing learning and building collective action. The JET Minerals Challenge will offer a combination of financial and non-financial resources to support a diverse range of solutions and innovators in both the testing and scaling of approaches, as well as helping innovators overcome barriers to addressing corruption within green mineral supply chains.

Candidates from and beyond the EITI community are encouraged to apply for the JET Minerals Challenge by 9 January 2023


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