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View of Vilnius, LT

International Anti-Corruption Conference 2024

EITI engagements at the IACC 2024 in Vilnius, Lithuania.

  • 18 – 21 junio  2024
  • In-person

Dates: 18 -21 June 2024

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania

Registration: Register here

The International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC) is the world’s premier global forum for bringing together heads of state, civil society, the private sector and more to tackle the increasingly sophisticated challenges posed by corruption. The EITI will be participating in side events alongside partners to discuss the importance of collaboration between government, civil society, and companies in achieving transparent and accountable governance in the extractive sector and mitigating corruption risks associated with the growing demand for minerals for renewable technologies.

Events co-hosted by the EITI

Day 3

Parallel session
This session will explore multi-stakeholder approaches through deliberation by relevant stakeholders in society, such as government, business and civil society organisations (CSO) for building consensus in important difficult governance areas. It will include a review of evidence of impact in reforms by TI (e.g. Integrity Pacts, collective action, OECD convention), EITI, FiTI, CoST (Infrastructure Transparency Initiative), LEAP (Local Electricity Access Programme); Kommunale Entwicklungs-Beiräte (KEB).

Day 4

Parallel session
As the world moves away from fossil fuels, demand for minerals essential for renewable technologies is rising steeply. This session will create awareness of the corruption risks stemming from these changes and their impact on communities. Speakers will focus on innovative approaches to strengthen multi-stakeholder governance, to ensure transparency and accountability for a just energy transition.

See the full agenda for the conference.