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Photo of Hon. Raphael Tonpi

Hon. Raphael Tonpi

Vice Minister of State Enterprises, Papua New Guinea

Hon. Raphael Tonpi is an educationist. He did his Certificate in Primary Teaching in 1989 and been teaching since then. He did his Advanced Diploma in Primary School Teaching in 2006 and was Head teacher of Primary School from year 2002 to 2016.

Besides teaching, he was the Chairman of the United Church for 17year and also the Chairman of Lai Valley High School. Through his leadership and community efforts and engagements, he helped build church's and raised many Papua New Guineans to be educated. He has earned the trust of his people and was elected as Member for Mendi Munhiu Electorate in 2022. He is currently serving as the Vice Minister for State Owned Enterprise.

He has his people at heart and looking forward to serve his country with honour and dignity.