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Photo of Tony Blair

Le très honorable Sir Tony Blair

Former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Former Prime Minister of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Tony Blair founded TBI on the belief that a country’s success and ability to enact transformational change is dependent on the effectiveness of its leadership and governance.

Under Tony’s direction, TBI works with political leaders around the world to create real change for their people by advising on strategy, policy and delivery – with technology as an enabler of all three.

During his tenure as prime minister, Tony implemented a major domestic-policy agenda. Through record investment and reforms, the performance of the UK’s education and health-care sectors was radically improved; crime was reduced by a third; a major programme of social liberalism and constitutional change was introduced; the Department for International Development was created and the UK’s foreign aid to Africa trebled; and landmark legislation to tackle climate change was introduced. All of this was done in the context of record economic growth and employment levels. Tony also helped bring peace to Northern Ireland by securing the historic Good Friday Agreement in 1998, and he was a passionate advocate of interventionist foreign policy. He is the only Labour leader in the party’s 100-year history to win three consecutive elections.

After leaving office, he continued his deep commitment to Africa and remained engaged with the Middle East, where he has long advocated for and worked towards the normalisation of relations between Israel and Arab states, contributing to the signing of the historic Abraham Accords in 2020.

Tony dedicates the majority of his time pro bono to TBI, a not-for-profit organisation.