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Guidance note

Establishing the scope of EITI reporting

EITI Requirement 4.1

This note provides guidance to multi-stakeholder groups (MSGs) on implementing the EITI's requirement on establishing the scope of EITI reporting

Applicable EITI Standard
Related EITI Requirements


In order to be useful, EITI Reports must include timely, comprehensive, reliable, and comprehensible information that addresses or identifies governance challenges in the country’s extractive sector.

The EITI Standard sets minimum requirements and recommendations for EITI Reports, and the national EITI work plan outlines the multi-stakeholder group’s objectives for EITI implementation.

Scoping helps the multi-stakeholder group assess which provisions of the EITI Standard are applicable to their country, which encouraged elements they wish to include in the report, and whether locally relevant issues that are not featured in the EITI Standard should be covered.

EITI Standard
Supporting document(s)
Scoping study checklist 2016