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Yangon, Myanmar


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2 July 2014
29 March 2024
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Myanmar is no longer a member of the EITI. The EITI Board delisted Myanmar from the EITI on 29 February 2024 due to ongoing political instability and conflict. The situation in the country made it unfeasible to uphold key aspects of the EITI, including multi-stakeholder governance and data disclosure. 

Before its suspension, Myanmar’s participation in the EITI significantly contributed to improving governance within its extractive sector. Since 2014, Myanmar’s EITI reporting provided critical data for extractive sector reforms, including information on state-owned enterprises. Myanmar was also among the first EITI countries to launch a beneficial ownership register, facilitating public oversight of ownership and control of extractive companies, including those in the country’s important gems and jade industry.

The decision to delist Myanmar aligns with the EITI Standard and policies recently agreed by the EITI Board for engaging with EITI countries experiencing political instability or conflict. It reflects the ongoing challenges within the country, including political unrest and the suppression of civil society. 

The most recent EITI Report produced by Myanmar prior to delisting covers the period 2017-2018.