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Publish What You Pay

Publish What You Pay (PWYP) is the worldwide campaign for an open and accountable extractive industry. PWYP is a global movement working to ensure that revenues from oil, gas and mining are used to drive development. With more than 1000 member organisations and 51 national coalitions, the organisation's strength lies in its ability to coordinate action nationally and globally and maximise its collective impact so everyone benefits from natural resources.

How well the extractives industries are governed has a dramatic impact on the lives of every person in the world. Publish What You Pay fights to ensure these industries are both open and accountable. The EITI has huge potential to transform lives for the better, and we are committed to supporting it to do this.

Elisa Peter Executive Director at PWYP

Engagement with the EITI 

Publish What You Pay, as the designated civil society focal point, acts as the coordinator for the civil society constituency of the EITI Board to assist civil society Board members in delivering on their strategic guidance and policymaking functions at the Board. Publish What You Pay also collaborates regularly with the EITI on strategic events and projects that further the natural resource governance agenda.

Publish What You Pay works in most EITI implementing countries. While governments and companies are vital to the EITI process, there is a special and enduring relationship with PWYP at national and international levels.  PWYP has played a crucial role in asking hard questions, analysing data and demanding reform.

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